“She’s comin’ ’round the mountain” Overstock.com

It’s common knowledge, if you make your living through online auctions, that eBay is where the buyers are and most of us know that many other auction sites are ‘popping up’ and ‘popping out’ of the online auction scene all the time. But, I’ve been taking a very hard look at [url=http://www.Overstock.com]www.Overstock.com[/url] and I have to tell you; massive amounts of buyers and international accessibility are the ONLY things missing from this “up and comer” and they have solid plans to change this soon…

Do not discount these guys. If you’re another auction selling machine, like me :-), you best do your homework on this.

Although eBay is still “where the money is”, and I wouldn’t claim to preach it differently; they are still missing a MAJOR pillar of any successful entity and that is customer focus. You see eBay still doesn’t seem to realize that eBay’s customers are the sellers; not the buyers. WE take care of the buyers… Who’s taking care of us..?

Overstock seems to be really honing their focus on the eBay’s Achilles tendon and, personally I think this will ultimately change the tide in this arena. When..? No idea; this stuff (the online auctions model) is all new to ALL of us and it’s surely interesting to watch the horse race…

Most pro marketers know a few things, among many, that have got to happen to consistently sustain sales numbers:

1.) Quality products that are in demand and over-deliver.2.) Pricing that fits the market, not the product….and 3.) Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service!

Capitalism has it’s own rules and, although many of these rules seem to fluctuate, a few just cannot change simply because of the one major constant; BUYERS ARE HUMAN BEINGS. The amount of choices that consumers have ‘here and now’ is amazingly high and doubling or tripling yearly.

If you’re shopping for electronics, or books, or DVDs, or even a prime time TV show to watch; your options are ridiculously huge! But, powersellers or online auction sellers, as consumers of places to sell their wares, haven’t had these viable choices and Overstock seems to be vigilantly trying to change this.

I am really starting to have some Deja Vu here… “utility deregulation”

Please understand that putting all of our eggs in one basket has not been an option to “choose” or “not to choose”, but it looks like choice may be the state of things to come!

I love eBay and I really appreciate what it has done for my family and I, but I can’t wait to make some choices rather than just making “lemonade out rough situations”…

Respectfully,Chuck Mullaney

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