Top 10 daily deal websites for 2012

behavior has changed drastically since the onset of online shopping
markets and the emergence of deal websites. The deal websites have
multiplied so much in almost every country that these have created a
new kind of shopping experience for consumers.

Daily Deal site which offers deal a day i.e. sale of a product or a
type of products for a period of 24 hours, is a new method to sell
compared to the conventional sales methods. These deal sites offer
great discounts to consumers on products and services thereby
increase their customer base. Repeat customers are found for exiting
deals and service as they get used to the discounted deals. A good
amount of competition exists among the deal sites though the players
in the industry may be changing in less than a year.

deal website is different from the other and has its own pros and
cons. Having a month gone by in the new year,let us look at the top
10 daily deal websites for 2012.

All of us are familiar with festive discounts, cheap bargain for
clothing and electronic products. With the entry of Groupon into the
deal business, buying activity of people has been revolutionized.
There are deep discounts available for products and services through
collective buying power, which at one time weren’t affordable to

is the No:1 deal website till date in the industry. 100+ websites
have followed after the success of this giant. Launched in 2008 in
Chicago, Groupon features a daily deal on hotels, holiday, spa and
many more in almost 230 markets across the globe. Google offered to
purchase Groupon, however has come up with its own service called
Google Offers after the deal was turned down. Let us wait and watch
if Groupon is able to sustain its current ranking for some more time.

Living Social holds the second place next to Groupon. This website
has challenged that it would beat Groupon and grab the first
position. Launched in 2009, this website caters to 90 markets across
the world. Living Social is also called the social shopping program
as it calls for people and their friends to save upto 90 percent on
daily deals.

Kgbdeals located at New York, was lauched in 2010. It offers
directory assistance in the UK and France, a text Q &A service
and a people search engine. Known as one of the world’s largest
independent information services provider.

Tippr: is one of the largest group buying sites that offers local
deals at hotels, spa and many more upto 90% off. Tippr’s affiliate
program invites affiliate partners to join Tippr and make money by
sharing Tippr deals on their site. Alexa and Compete stats show Tippr
as one among the top ten deal websites.

Woot records more than four lakh daily visitors to its site and is
also one of the pioneer of daily deals. Launched way back in 2004,
Woot has been in the industry for a long time than the others. Though
acquired by Amazon in 2010, the business operates under the Woot
logo. shirt.woot and wine.woot are some of specialty sites owned by

BuyWithMe is the next popular deal website. BuyWithMe is the premier
social shopping network that offers a daily deal from the best local

For about twelve years, Eversave have been offering deals from
national brands and giving a lot of savings to their customers.
Eversave offers the deals which the consumers want and is ranked
among the top deal websites. Save Rewards is the highlight of
Eversave in which you get $ 10 worth of Save Rewards for every new
friend you refer to Eversave once they buy their first Save.

Gilt City is a location-based deal service . The deal creator seek
out luxurious events, services and experiences available in major
cities and offer discounts and deals to Gilt Group members. Gilt City
website has a rich and high class feel which is why it can also be
called a high-end Groupon.

Lush Trip offers discounts upto 90% on travel deals, holiday packages
and weekend tours across India. Lush Trip aims to make vacation to
exotic locations less costlier for middle-class people.

Scout Mob is yet an another deal website which offers location based
deal shopping. This deal website may be the future of daily deals
because it works with your mobile device. You are not required to
take a print of the coupon or download. If you like a deal, send it
your phone. ScoutMobÂ’s mobile application allows the coupons to be
delivered directly to the iPhone.